Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Novice....

Hello!! What a week!! First of all, I will tell you that being that this is only my third post EVER, I have diligently been doing my homework and I promise to become a better blogger as time progresses!! My first couple were a bit rough, but, onward and upward....things can only get better, right.
The first thing that I learned this week is that my pictures needed some zip to them...and, as I am not a photographer but do have a decent camera, I spent some time taking some random pictures and editing them to make them look more professional....I will continue to practice...I need it!! However, I also figured out how all you practiced bloggers' get your before and after pictures up. Yes, I made my first before/after collage.
Look!! There it is....the dresser that I obtained off of my local and upcycled it into my little boys firetruck and dalmatian dresser. I think it got a nice face lift....and, its a great little dresser....just perfect for a little guy to be able to even put his own laundry away!!

So, I am feeling a bit accomplished making my collage and all!!

I have also finally completed the first of two Halloween costumes that I am making this year. The Tin Man is complete as of last night. The scarecrow will begin....soon?? I hope. Let me just say that I am a novice at patterns. I use them only for costumes...honestly, I never make clothing, so, costumes are like clothes....more complicated then pillows and curtains and the types of things that I typically sew. Anyway, has great patterns that are very easy to understand.....with that said, Mr. Simplicity Pattern Maker, could you please give better directions on these collars!! This is year number two that I have been so proud of my costume, only to have the collar all wonky (spell check didn't catch the work wonky, so, it must really be a word :)) I think I need a tutorial on how to make a collar that looks finished. It looks great until I attach it and then it looks, more practice on the collars for me. But, aside from the costume looking a bit "Michael Jackson-esque," it does look pretty cute. I hope the scarecrow is as easy....I'm sure I will let you know.
But, here is a picture of the top:
Your comments, critiques, helpful tips are very welcome!!

And, for the last update for the week, I have gotten all of the fall things out of storage and gotten the inside of my home decorated. The outside is a work in progress, hopefully to be finished tomorrow. The hay, cornstalks and mums are accounted for. The wreaths didn't quite survive the year in the attic, so, I am going to redo them and take the opportunity to do my first step-by-step blog....told you I was learning....