Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Polar Express Birthday Party

And, so, the month of December is coming to an has been a busy one this year with two late December birthdays for both of my boys and Christmas following four days later. I was at a loss as to what to do for the boys' birthday party this year, but, it seems like the fifth birthday is the first birthday that we really remember, and with the baby turning one, we needed to do something. I had heard of a place about an hour away from me that did a steam engine birthday party where the kids get to take an hour long steam engine train ride which sounded right up our ally, but, apparently they don't return phone calls or emails. So, moving on, I decided that these ever popular Polar Express Train rides might be just what we were looking to do. And, I found one....three hours away that cost $45/person....even the baby.....and yet, I was still willing. But, they are sold out until 2014. So, again, it is early December, I have less than three weeks to make a birthday party appear out of thin air, I don't even have time to order invitations at this point, and Christmas is taking all my spare time!! I kept going with the train idea....a train party of some sort....and of course, the Polar Express is on every fifteen minutes at my house!! So, I googled Polar Express Party images and found so many helpful ideas. I had my party and we were able to put it together for under $250 and in just a couple of days. I was even able to find a Santa who was available and was literally the icing on the cake!! A special thanks to Sassaby at Etsy for her absolutely darling invitations that I could print and edit from my home computer ( Also, a special thank you to for her insight on the Polar Express movie night she had at her were my inspiration!!
Polar Express Birthday Collection Red & Green - DIY PRINTABLE FILES - Christmas Printables by Sassaby
 I also borrowed some ideas from the googled images and free printables that I found there...
 Poinsettias, candles with fake snow, a snowflake tablecloth and framed images of The Polar Express movie made for some festive and easy decorations.
 Such easy decor at Christmas time...most of the work was already done. Here is the scene before the chaos began. If you look closely, Casper, our elf on the shelf, is up in the wreath.....always watching....and the gifts under the tree were the party favors for Santa to hand out.
 Free printable....

 Balloons were the only true "birthday" decoration that I had.....
 My boys....Gabriel (5) and Liam(1)....Happy Birthday boys!!
 There is the elf, Casper!!

 Gabriel insisted that each guest receive a golden ticket. He punched the golden ticket as they arrived and said "All Aboard" and even had his pocket watch....
 We had gingerbread houses to decorate.....and yes, these kids are all in their jammies!!

 And promptly at 8PM....Santa let himself in....rang is bells and said "Ho! Ho! Ho!" all of the way up the stairs....these kids about had a fit....what an amazing moment for all....

 And then our dear Santa gathered all the children around him and read The Polar Express to all of was amazing the attention he commanded and received.
 All of the kiddos with Santa!!
 After the story, Santa handed out my wrapped gifts....really they were just typical party favors...every child received a silver bell (that only rings for those who believe :)) a small wooden train, a train shaped lollipop, a captains hat, a christmas cupcake and some candy....but, they thought it was wonderful.....such a beautiful mess!!

 Santa signed our copy of the book for memories down the road.....
This was a beautiful party and I think it was truly enjoyed by everyone whether they were 1 or 81!! It was so simple to put together and incredibly affordable in comparison to other parties I have shown!!

I hope you have enjoyed this pictorial of our special birthday party!!